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As gardeners, we work under Mother Nature, guiding your garden according to her laws. The fundamentals of Garden Management include fine gardening, irrigation management, soil microbiology, landscape design, edible gardening, pests and diseases, pruning, as well as economics of labor, plant costs, construction costs, and water usage. Perhaps most important is an intuition and care for our clients.


The fundamentals of garden maintenance are fine gardening, soil health, and irrigation management. Common gardening services focus on mowing and cleaning and don't have time or skills required for these deeper level services.

Irrigation management is essential requires technical skill. We have a system for managing water that starts with an inventory of your system up front followed by quarterly system checks and water budgeting for those who want more control over this precious resource, water!


For people who want to eat off of their land but don't want to manage a farm themselves, we provide planning, management, and labor for your urban farm. This service is very personal for each client. Minimum level of service starts at 20hours per week.